Practical information & FAQ

How does it work?

Admission includes 3 hours of adventuring with a mandatory   how to/safety briefing, before you begin. Ticket pricing varies depending on your age.

You can complete the courses as many times as you wish during that time. We recommended comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Closed toe Shoes are mandatory, such a runners – no flip flops.  No loose objects on your person, all pockets must be able to be zipped if you wish to carry your phone or other items.

 Our courses have been colour coded for challenge and difficulty similar to a ski hill rating system.

  • Orange is the easiest course for the smallest. Recommended for “toddlers” age 2-4 years, minimum height of 80 cm’s tall. An adult is required to supervise and assist from the ground.
  • Green is a little more difficult. Minimum 110 cm. (Children under 8 years old should have an  climbing adult with them)
  • Blue is our intermediate courses. Minimum 140 cm, recommended age 10+ (With climbing adult) Participants should feel comfortable on blue’s before progressing to red’s!
  • Red is our most difficult and technical courses. Minimum 150 cm, recommended age 12+ (With a climbing adult)

 *Maximum weight of 120 kg for any of our courses.



Everyone can climb depending on your height, all courses have different height restrictions.

We have a maximum weight at 120 kg.


We are a 10 minute walk from Trosa bus station or you can drive her, we got a big parking space.

Our address:

Friluftsvägen, 619 34 Trosa, Sweden

When you arrive for your time slot our safety instructor will walk you through our 15 minute safety briefing where you will get all the information and skills for the 3 hours you will spend with us.

  • Children playground- recommended age 2-10 years
  • Orange- minimum 80 cm, recommended age 2-10 
  • Green- minimum 110 cm, recommended age 5-9
  • Blue- minimum 140 cm, recommended age 10+
  • Red- minimum 150 cm, recommended age 12+

Small: 2-4 years (125 kr)

Medium: 5-11 years (295 kr)

Tall: 12+ (395 kr)

Senior 65+ (295 kr)

Ofcourse, if you wanna come out and indulge in our forest scenery, check out our café or just support the climbers you are more then welcome to visit us.

We recommend to purchase a ticket before visiting as we can be fully booked.

Of course, we got a designated area for the dogs with water bowls, they should be under supervision from their owners. Barking dogs should not be left alone.


  • Children under 6 most have a climbing adult with them in the green courses.
  • Children under 10 will have to have a climbing adult with them in the blue/red courses
  • Children under 16 without an climbing adult will have to have their guardians signature.
  • Everyone below 18 years will have to have their guardians signature and contact information before they start climbing.

For using our park you will have to have agreed to our terms and conditions and our safety briefing.

Children under 18 most have guardians signature.


We recommend 1 adult for 4 kids, Children gets to climb different courses depending on their height.


We got a Café situated in our beautiful forest where you can purchase, snacks, drinks, hot dogs, sandwiches, waffles and ice cream. We also sell hotdog and toasties making packages where you can grill it yourself on our fire pits. (Book this in advance so we make sure to have it ready for you.)

We try to look after our forest as good as we can and think of all the aspect we can do to make a smaller impact on the environment.


If we got thunder and lightning we will have to close the park for safety reasons, we will then try to contact you and rebook you for when the weather is better.


No, You will have to be completely sober for climbing in our park. Also no alcohol is permitted in the park.

No, Smoking is not permitted in the park.


Email us on:

Or call us on: 0730871967

Other on site amenities include sitting areas, firepits, and a café in a relaxing forest setting.

 A playground is set up for the smallest of children  who are not quite tall enough to climb in the park yet.

We have hiking paths around the park, slacklining, giant Jenga and other games to enjoy with friends and family.

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