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Situated in beautiful Trosa, Sweden our treetop Activity Park offers 7 exciting courses of varying difficulties for all abilities. With a mixture of Ziplines, ladders, and challenging obstacles we offer excitement for even the smallest and youngest of adventurers.  Our practice courses are open to all and will ensure confidence before taking you to the more challenging routes

What we got to offer

Get to know our courses:

Skepp O'hoy

The easiest course for the smallest members, climbing harnesses and helmet is provided, adult supervision is required.


A course suited to all children. Kids under 8 should have a climbing adult with them.


A fast moving course for all Children.


Another green course that will fit most of our climbers.

Trosa flygaren

A blue course that will keep you on your toes.



A bit more challenging course with full speed and our longest zipline.


Världens ände

Our most difficult and technical course. Here you climb vertically so you will need to be relatively athletic. It finish with a jump of 13 meters!


Low altitude course and playground for children (even the general public). Here you can hang out with the children who might be to small to do the climbing park. There are benches and you can bring your own snacks or buy from us in our café.

Good to know before your visit

When you buy a ticket with us you will get 3 hours of adventuring with a 15 minute safety course prior to starting.  Our courses are organized it the same system as a ski hill starting with orange is the least difficult course primarily for the smallest children and then , green, blue and then red that is our most technical and challenging course.                

All our courses have different height restrictions and age requirement .

The ticket price is depending on what age you are.

* Children under 6 must have a climbing adult with them. On the orange track, they can walk on the side to assist. We recommend an climbing adult with children from 6-10 years old.

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