Conditions of participation

Terms and conditions of particiption.

1 person per group can fill in the document as long as they inform about the conditions to their group. Young people under the age of 18 must have the approval and signature of the responsible adult (Aged 18 or over) in order to participate.

I/we certify that:

  1. I/we weigh less than 120 kg.
  2. I/we are not pregnant, or under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
  3. Understand that I/we are here at our own responsibility.
  4. Before I and/or the group can start climbing in the park, I assure that I/we: Participate in the instructor-led safety briefing.
  5. I/we familiarize ourselves with, and follow the park’s rules.
  6. I/we understand that comfortable clothing is needed and full covered footwear. If something breaks, it is my own fault and not Trosa activity park’s responsibility.
  7. If I have any serious medical condition, I share it with my instructor and write down where my medication is if needed (Allergy etc.)
  8. Loose objects such as keys & mobiles can drops and do serious damage  so I / we leave these on the ground, If I / we have large jewelry or long hair,  I / we take these off & I / we put up my hair so it won’t get stuck in anything.
  9. The equipment I / we receive I treat with respect and if something breaks due to carelessness or is lost I / we will bear the cost.
  10. Smoking is prohibited in the climbing park and in the climbing equipment. I understand that having a BBQ is only intended in the permitted fire place and not while wearing my climbing equipment.
  11. If the stated end time is exceeded, a post payment of SEK 200 per half hour started will be charged.
  12. I take full responsibility for the safety of minors by following the park’s rules regarding age limits and minimum length for the different courses. Course age limits: Green: 5+ Years with a climbing adult, 8+ Years to climb yourself. Blue: 10+ Years with a climbing adult, 12+ Years to climb yourself. Red: 12+ Years with a climbing adult, 14+ Years to climb yourself. A co-climbing adult is allowed to supervise a maximum of 4 children.
  13. I/we agree that any photos taken by Trosa activity park instructors may be used for marketing purposes on social media, the company’s website and advertising.

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